When it comes to preparing for hurricanes, financial readiness is as important as a flashlight with fully charged batteries.

2 days ago · Now, Flood Hub supports 80 countries thanks to 60 recent additions to the list.

. Disaster Alert™ provides early warning about natural hazards around the globe.


Google Public Alerts sends emergency messages to mobile phones via Google Now and also surfaces alerts on various Google properties such as Google Search and Google.

Apps range from those geared towards children to those created specifically with the first responder in. . .

Leaving your home can be stressful, but knowing that your personal and financial documents are up to date, in one place, and portable can make a big difference at a tense time.

. “Using. Now, Flood Hub supports 80 countries thanks to 60 recent additions to the list.

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. Use Emergency SOS to call for help, alert your contacts & record videos.

19 hours ago · Google said it is expanding flood alerts through its Search and Maps mobile notifications, giving communities critical and timely flood information and allowing them time for precautions.
Self-register for Emergency Support Services; Refer to the Evacuation Order for information specific to your community; Monitor local information channels on the web, social media, radio and TV; Evacuation Alert: Follow directions from your Local Authority or First Nation: If you are in the area under Evacuation Alert, be ready to leave.

Increase in natural disasters across Asia.


1 day ago · Google vows to bring flood forecasting alerts to Search and Maps in the future. An officer walks outside of. Get the FEMA App.

Google on Thursday, June 17, launched the Android Earthquake Alerts System in the Philippines, an Android feature that detects earthquakes and alerts people. The expansion of Flood Hub is a significant step forward in helping communities prepare for and respond to flooding,. . 1 (a) update doesn't bring new features to your iPhone, but it does fix some security issues. . .


These layers might contain information on satellite imagery, storm paths , shelter locations, and evacuation routes, among other data sources that are best. If you’re outside the crisis area, you won’t get a notification, but you can still find SOS Alerts by searching for information.

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The information you get may be different from what people closer to the crisis area see.



Wildfire evacuee guidance; Latest wildfire information and provincial fire bans: BC Wildfire.